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and the white house is waiting to see what happens when a possible vote comes down tomorrow. >> the dow jones is off about 3% in the last four days, down almost to enter points and the capitol switchboard is jammed with phone calls, most of them angry. most of them say get done but congress is locked in a stalemate. >> less than six days from default, john boehner is scrambling to garner support for his that bill after being forced to push back the vote. the measure is taking fire from democrats. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time to pull the plug. >> we have to hold a line. we have to stand strong. we cannot let down the people who elected us last november. >> it appears house republicans are getting behind the bill.
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the congressional budget office as a woodcut bus -- much less spending than promised. >> they are going to be surprised to maronite. >> what the main question mark >> you know what i mean? >> you say it's going to pass? >> i would almost that my retirement check audit. >> democrats called john boehner's bill a short-term deal that is a nonstarter in the senate. the white house has threatened to veto. >> there is only one bill that is a true compromise. we are running out of time and it's time to get serious about finding that compromise. >> that bill would raise the debt ceiling to 2012 immediately and cut 2.2 trillion dollars in spending. republicans say it's full of gimmicks. the ratings agencies have testified some of the plans under consideration could preserve the u.s.'s aaa credit rating. >> there has to be a credible
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plan to reduce the debt burden as well as reduce the deficit level. >> we're just learning about a closed-door meeting between speaker john boehner and house republicans for the speaker used salty language to rally support. he showed a clip of a bank robbery clip which has an actor recruiting somebody to hurt some people. coverage of the debt showdown continues and at 6:30 on abc world news. you can keep up with the latest on the debt talks on our web site new developments in a terrorist threat against the u.s. of land security officials raise the red flag on a group related to al qaeda and they are centered in somalia. they reportedly plan to recruit americans and attack american interests in europe and the u.s.
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mainland. >> the information is alarming. recruiting americans as terrorist to strike out against their own country. the terror group was able to pull recruits from several u.s. states, i including virginia. a threat seemingly half a world away but with roots here at home set alarms often washington. >> probably the next most significant terrorist threat may emanate from the al qaeda presence in somalia. >> that al qaeda presence -- before osama bin laden died, he was urging the group to target the u.s.. the group's recruitment tactics has authorities on high alert. >> not al qaeda or any of its affiliates have come close to drawing sellout muslim americans and westerners to jihad. >> at least 40 americans of a
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somali dissent fought alongside radicals in somalia and last three years, including three suicide bombers. authorities say the group recruited american fighters from across the united states, from california minnesota illinois, new york, virginia, alabama and texas. >> the group continues to call for strikes against the united states. as a result, we will not let our guard down. >> abc news reports as many as two dozen people are unaccounted for. despite revelations that the al qaeda leadership in pakistan and afghanistan as on the brink of collapse the concern that this terror group could come within striking distance of the u.s. is unavoidable. according to the chairman of the house homeland security committee, they have recruited 20 canadians to join the terror group inside somalia. word tonight that there may
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be more victims of about rating police officer accused of sexual assault. authorities say they are investigating leads that two- time officer of the year, gene gillette, forced itself onto other men. he is accused of shooting a man he lured to the south to have sex with them. police say he told a victim there were going to shoot a movie with the electors. the victim said instead he demanded sex at gunpoint. the woman who accused dominique strauss, met with betty york prosecutors today. concerns have been raised about her credibility. they want to review a tape conversation during which she said she could make money from the accusations against the rich and powerful that. the will but insists her account of the sexual assault is accurate. following the attacks in norway an independent commission has been lodged to investigate the twinned terror attacks.
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a man has confessed to the attacks, saying he was trying to keep europe for being colonized by muslims. the rampage killed 78 people. >> after trading at the nation's one divorce walter reed medical center is closing. celebration featured distinguished speakers, music from the army band and was attended by dozens of veterans treated by hospital. still to come why of maybe the best time in my long time to ask the boss or a raise. a local metro station is dealing with some ups and downs about its escalators. why it will be awhile before it happens. see who is visiting the up martin luther king jr. memorial before it opens. that story, next. spectacular summer weather
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outside right now. it will change a bit. i will tell you to expect tomorrow and the forecast just a few minutes from now.
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the faa disputes claims more pilots are violating washington area airspace restrictions. >> officials say fewer pilots are making those mistakes. a report found 122 violations this year, well below the 220 total in a typical year. the response comes after five close calls near camp david in the past month. metro is stepping in to help the gridlock associated with a realignment plan. they will run a new bus route between the pentagon and the mark center in alexandria. more than 6000 government workers are moving to the northern virginia office. matra plans to enhance other routes. workers will be able to ride some buses for free. it has been an escalating issue, but metro says they are replacing escalators at the bethesda station as part of a six-year capital improvement
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program. metro has been criticized about broken escalators in the station and are replacing three escalators at foggy bottom and planning replacement at the pentagon and dupont circle. looking for a raise? this story might be a help you need. one study finds 97% of employers plan to increase salaries for their employees next year. the average pay would jump 3% with top performing employees seeing an increase of 4.8%. nearly all 1200 employers polled said they plan to give raises to hold on to their best workers. coming up next, just a month until the unveiling of the martin luther king jr. memorial. a group of administrators get a sneak peek and we go along for the tour. mother nature is gearing up for another repeat of last week's heat and humidity. the redskins make deals --
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at the latest on the comings and goings at redskins park.
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exactly one year until the kickoff of the 2012 olympics in london, but the celebration is already underway. we were at the canadian embassy in northwest d.c. for a ceremonial torch relay which went from the embassy to the british embassy 4 miles away. vancouver was the site of the previous olympics for the 2010 games. nice to have warm weather to celebrate the winter games. another countdown in washington d.c. that people are actually looking forward to. >> we're just a month away from the unveiling of the national memorial for dr. martin luther king jr.. this afternoon nearly 100 members of the national black catholic joint conference at a preview of the memorial. >> one month until anyone can visit the grounds of the martin luther king jr. memorial and these select groups of religious leaders from around the nation
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received a sneak peek of the progress. >> i grew up in the middle of the civil rights era and honestly i did not think anything like this would ever happen. seriously. >> this couple came from st. louis and remember watching dr. king delivered his speech when they were children. >> to be able to witness this is amazing to me. >> the main sculptor of dr. king has not been revealed yet, but these excerpts from his sermons and speeches are on display as part of the $120 million project. >> we talked about dr. king in school and just to feel his presence here is overwhelming. >> she marched for african- american voting rights in some, alabama along with dr. king. >> it is a marvelous tribute. >> she carried a small piece of paper in her hand with the word "-- the words "hoke justice
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and democracy." >> it means that we have contributed to this country even [inaudible] >> of the memorial will be dedicated on august 28th, the 48 anniversary of the march on washington and the anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech. >> that is a spectacular location across from the jefferson memorial. today was lovely. is it going to continue? >> it is going to get warmer and more humid. it will not be horrible. we will have a couple of tough days. >> are going to repeat last friday. we have a few of the whether
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cameras and i love sharing days like this. some increasing clouds and a few jet contrails mixed in. this combination will yield a beautiful sunset later this evening. officially 93 degrees at reagan national with an average high today of 89 degrees. we will be above average and above the 90 degree mark for least the rest of july and well into august as well. 92 in the capital. 89 in quantico. a comfortable day because the do. temperatures, the measure of moisture in the air is comfortable. the heat will start to increase and humidity levels will increase. this high heat and humidity mixing together but the jackpot continues to be in the midwest. remember when all of the heat waves started and the heat domes were happening last week? this little miniature heat dome is building and that will move
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eastward. some of the heat index values that we see now like 109 degrees in kansas city, that is what we will experience on friday. but when we get into saturday and sunday, temperatures will back off. it will be hot and humid, but not to those extreme levels. just a few high and thin clouds out there right now. as we had through the day tomorrow we will have sunshine. hurricane hunters through through -- hurricane hunters flew through the cloud mass and it has been determined to be tropical storm material. winds at a top speed of 40 miles an hour. projections have been moving from the west to northwest and it will remain a tropical storm at landfall along the texas coast early on saturday morning. partly cloudy tomorrow. 90 to 95 degrees. the next seven days, near 100 on friday. mid-90s on saturday, an isolated
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storms and as we head into sunday and monday, a better chance of storms and by the middle of next week, back into the '90s for the foreseeable future. so the redskins are thinking about playing football? >> there are trying to find out who are going to play, but they will be called the redskins. they have picked three new wide receivers and a quarterback and defensive linemen already. the big story is of course donovan mcnabb trying to decide whether to accept a trade to minnesota. if the deal is completed they get a sixth-round pick and a future conditional pick and will save the roster bonus for his salary. he will have to restructure his salary at a much lower rate in minnesota, so we're waiting.
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>> he's one of my good friend and i'm sad to see him leave. he will be missed, but he is a well polished player and someone in the league will want him. best of luck to him. >> donovan mcnabb 12 titles in philadelphia and played in five nfc title games and a super bowl. but he is now 34 years old and a state -- and his stay here in washington was short and controversial. it was just 18 months ago that the ex eagle landed and the redskins finally have the franchise quarterback they said desperately coveted. >> he could run the ball, play action and make plays when there is nothing there. >> the high point came in his fourth week when he helped beat his old team. >> this defines team. weakened the office in the rest of the season. >> with the redskins down by five, he was benched.
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>> i felt with no timeouts, that gave us the best chance to win. >> he signed a contract extension but then less than one month later, prior to week 14 at dallas he was benched for good. >> this whole situation is one for everyone to grow from. we will see what happens. it will be not just a story in this area but a story nationally. >> the donovan mcnabb era is over. the skins have been making trades actively today. they just got a wide receiver and brought in several new players. let's go to baseball and the
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angels -- their first no-hitter in 27 years beating the indians 3-1. this is the third no-hitter this year in major bait -- in major- league baseball. the pittsburgh pirates have fired a complaint for this call. safe 3 feet in front of home plate but he says he never touched him. late in the afternoon, major league baseball acknowledged the umpire made a bad call, but that ended the game. this just in -- the university of north carolina has fired their head football coach, butch davis. a lot of controversy bear with bu
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we should be grateful for this gorgeous day. >> the sunset is going to be spectacular. but it is not going to be a redo of last week. a little more humid and warmer with temperatures in the mid- 90s. near 100 on friday and a lot of humanity. isolated storms on saturday and a better chance on sunday and monday. mid-90s by next week. is your online home for weather information. >> abc world new
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